By Amira Yunos

I’m no centenarian so I can still somewhat recall the first time I tasted century eggs.

Excerpt from Origins of Chinese Food Culture

15 years ago, I was the eldest 6-year-old among my siblings and cousins. Egged on by the boys in the house, we were playing a game of catch in my maternal grandma’s house. Jumping from sofa to sofa, my brother accidentally scratched my face trying to tag me. I ended up getting punished by my mother because according to her I enabled him. Or maybe because I was the eldest and I should’ve know better. Something along that lines.

Angry at…

Sacred Guardians: The Making (2)

Just this week, Sacred Guardians — the audio drama was released. To celebrate its release, a livestream was held and we were joined by the comic creators, Aydeel Djoeharie and Alan Bay, as well as Aric Hidir Amin, the voice actor of Dev.

Lingying, Aric Hidir Amin, Aydeel Djoeharie and Alan Bay on Sacred Guardians — The Audio Drama livestream

“Everything worth doing will never be easy and I accept the challenge” — Aydeel Djoeharie

It was a challenging task for everyone involved in the creation of the graphic novel and audio drama as they were made during the pandemic. The rules to minimise the spread of Covid-19 limited much of the…

Sacred Guardians: The Making (1)

We can all choose to be superheroes to the people around us. The world will be a better place for it. ~ Aydeel Djoeharie

Scene from Sacred Guardians

Sacred Guardians is script writer Aydeel Djoeharie’s pet project. For more than 10 years, Djoeharie has been nursing this idea of creating a local superhero. This idea slowly spread to different entertainment mediums, coalescing to form the Sacred Guardians Universe. He fondly recalls the day when we approached him to share the Sacred Guardians’ origin story in comic book form. …

Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment graphic novel

Scene from Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment graphic novel

One of the greatest humanitarian disasters of all time, the scale and intensity of World War II were unprecedented in all of human history. In those dark and critical times, it is our pride that there were exceptional individuals like Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi and the members of the Malay Regiment, who stood up for their nation when it was most needed. The Malay Regiment was Singapore’s last line of defence against the Japanese soldiers at Pasir Panjang, right before the occupation of Singapore.

There is much that one can learn from…

Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment graphic novel

“If we don’t defend the city, who will?”

Scene from Lieutenant Adnan and The Last Regiment

In February of 1942, the Malay Regiment fought valiantly against the Japanese troops that had invaded Singapore during World War II. These were the last men on the battlefront before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese Occupation. One member of the Malay Regiment stood out in particular, in many of Singapore’s war history records today: Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi.

Adnan bin Saidi was born in 1915 in Selangor, Malaysia. In 1933, he left his teaching profession to join the Malay Regiment, which had…

There are many ways through which one can commemorate or remember an individual who has made a significant impact in our community or lives, and the comic book is a compelling medium for the retelling of such stories. Singaporean comic creators Zaki Ragman and Danny Jalil have done just that.

For last decade, Ragman and Jalil have established their careers as professional creators in Singapore, working with various artistic mediums in a range of fields of expertise.

Zaki Ragman, profile picture illustrated by the artist

Zaki Ragman is a contemporary artist with roots in the animation industry. He enjoys sharing and developing new creative ideas with fellow artists…

Elizabeth Choy: Her Story graphic novel

Scene from Elizabeth Choy: Her Story graphic novel

“I cannot forget, but forgive.”

These were the words of Elizabeth Choy when she was asked to name the captors who imprisoned her after the end of the Japanese Occupation during World War II in Singapore. In spite of having suffered at their hands, Choy chose not to reveal their identities, but instead to extend her forgiveness.

During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, Choy was imprisoned for a total of 193 days, as a suspect of Operation Jaywick, an operation in which allied soldiers infiltrated Japanese naval vessels to plant bombs in them. …

Elizabeth Choy: Her Story graphic novel

Scene from Elizabeth Choy: Her Story graphic novel

A mother, educator, social worker, and community leader — Elizabeth Choy is a prominent figure in Singapore, celebrated for her acts of kindness and bravery during the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II. Honoured as a local war heroine today, Choy has made great contributions to her community and left a lasting legacy and testament to the people around her.

Choy developed an unrivalled sense of altruism and compassion from a young age. She was born into a Hakka family of six children in Kudat in North Borneo, known today as Sabah…

The Legend of Mazu graphic novel (3)

Illustration of Chinese sea goddess Mazu, by Chin Tong Koh

The use of folklore as a mode of storytelling, religious worship, and even source of comfort in times of crisis can be found in different cultures and societies across continents. Often, the social, cultural, and political contexts from which these stories originate may be overshadowed by our pursuit for spirituality and the divine.

Mazu, a notable figure in traditional Chinese folklore who is celebrated and worshipped by many Buddhists and Taoists as the goddess and protector of the seas, bears great socio-cultural significance in ancient China as well as in modern times. …

The Legend of Mazu graphic novel (2)

Artist Chin Tong Koh at work

Over the past two years, Singaporean artist Chin Tong Koh spent long hours at his neighbourhood coffeeshop — hard at work on his artistic practice. While most coffeeshop patrons were engaged in leisurely activities such as feasting, chatting, or watching videos on their mobile phones with the free Wi-Fi, Koh was immersed in his creative process — gathering online research and experimenting with ideas for his next masterpiece.

A modest individual with profound wisdom and insight when it comes to professional art practice and the local art scene, Koh is one of Singapore’s…

Asiapac Books

Established in 1983, Asiapac Books is Singapore’s leading independent publisher of comics and illustrated books designed to enhance lifelong learning.

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