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Return of the Condor Heroes: The Making (7)

Return of the Condor Heroes: The Making is a blog series documenting the people and processes involved in the production of Return of the Condor Heroes Collector’s Edition Boxset. Discover first-hand some of the behind-the-scenes work and the art of creating comics in Singapore.

Wuxia (武侠), the Chinese term for “martial arts heroes”, is a genre of fantasy fiction in classical literature, often revolving around the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. The Return of the Condor Heroes manga series is a martial arts epic featuring various fantastical and whimsical martial arts moves. From elegant gestures to loud and dynamic movements, these action-packed martial arts moves have been cleverly and beautifully depicted by the artist Wee Tian Beng, as interpreted from the original novel by Louis Cha.

Right from the opening scene, we are greeted with The Mighty Snap performed by one of the characters, a simple yet powerful swipe of the fingers that sends one’s opponents flying several metres into the air within seconds.

The Toad Leap, a possible fierce contender of The Mighty Snap, is an impactful jump and thrust move used by the male protagonist Yang Guo, that produces a huge destructive force against his opponents and even on his immediate surroundings.

Rivalling its prowess is the Dragon-Subduing Palmstroke. A huge force of impact ensues upon the clashing of these two attacks.

Amidst the strong ferocious attacks and frenzy of action in Return of the Condor Heroes, some martial arts moves bring sense of light-heartedness and humour with their whimsical and comedic nature.

As the Wuxia genre largely encompasses magical elements of fiction, fantasy, and folklore, it is not uncommon to see some of these martial arts moves showcased in the manga incorporating or borrowing the power of mythical creatures, such as in the Sixth Level of the Dragon Image.

Meanwhile, the female protagonist Dragon Girl’s elegance remains unrivalled even in her display of the Netting Heaven and Earth martial arts move, in which she leaps with much agility and swiftness to be able to contain more than a hundred sparrows within her reach.

Also, if you’re unsure about what to with your pile of leftover seeds after eating some fruits, here’s a useful seed-spitting technique featured in the manga.

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